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Equipment Selection and Modification

Q. Would you install new tires on your car without having them balanced first? No, because the wear would not be even and replacement would occure more frequently.
A. So why then would you not have your ice skates balanced properly? Your energy cannot be replaced during a game. Visit a Skate Faster O.T.I.S. Consultant for more details.

One of the O.T.I.S. teams specialities is guidance to proper equipment selection. We show our clients what may be wrong with the equipment they currently use. We then guide them to the proper equipment to maximize their performance.

Some examples of equipment problems:

  • Improper ice skate fit and balance causing muscle fatigue and excess energy usage
  • Wrong lie and flex in their hockey stick causing poor velocity and accuracy
  • Gloves too large reducing grip and stick handling ability
  • plus many more...

Possible modifications to improve equipment:

  • Custom Radius and Balancing of ice skate
  • Profile and radius hollow of skate blade