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Custom Radius

Modifying skate blades to ensure an identical shape and balance point on both runners. Through different lies and radius sizes, these modifications can be individualized for skaters allowing for a more customized feel and an increased level of performance.

Benefits of Contouring
  • Improve balance
  • Increase stability
  • Increase lateral movement
  • Increase speed & agility
  • Increase power on long strides
  • Improve stick handling & shooting accuracy
  • Maximize skating efficiency
  • Improve accelaretion
  • Improve confidence

Not too long ago The Discovery Channel did a story on the science of skate sharpening and benefits of a proper contouring. The video is available here.



Center line of skating too far back. Loss of power in shooting; slow starts and turns. Center line of skating balanced. Power on long strides; shooting accuracy; maximum skating efficency. Center line of skating too far forward. Muscle fatigue; loss of power on long strides; loss of shooting and passing accuracy; short choppy strides.


Seeing as how a blade's custom radius does not extend exactly from the toe end of the runner to its heel, profiling the metal to blend the custom radius into the full length of the blade is required. This can be done at different degrees to accommodate a skaterís personal preference.

Sharpening / Hollow

The hollow is the degree of depth left in the runner after a sharpening. Although standards in hollows do exist for hockey skaters, variations are offered and may give a player the glide or bite into the ice best suited to go in conjunction with their skating style and strength.

Hollow grind chart created for each individual player according to height, weight, and position.