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Programs are located at:
Ray Friel Recreation Complex
1585 Tenth Line Road
Ottawa, ON, K1E 3E8
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Skate Faster has been providing leading edge instruction since 2005. We have recognized that the new rules have significantly altered hockey for all levels creating a game of unprecedented speed and skill. Our full time hockey staff has designed comprehensive and specific training programs to address these changes. Click here to learn more...

The four principal areas our programs address are the following:

  • Power Skating (Technique, Agility, Accelaretaion, Transition skating, Starts and Stops)
  • Stick Handling
  • Passing
  • Shooting


Skate Faster participants will skate in their respective age groups, with a limit of 20 skaters on the ice, so that each player has an opportunity to develop rapidly by receiving full attention from their instructors.

Skate Faster participants will receive training and instruction in the fundamentals and application of techniques for in game situations from our experienced instructors. In addition to the 2.5 hours of ice time, students participate in an Off-Ice program which focuses on core strength training and plyometerics specifically designed for the needs of young hockey players. Also included are upgraded Off-Ice lecture programs featuring top new customized DVD hockey instructional material presented by qualified instructors. Players also participate in motivational seminars that key into important skills such as visualization and goal setting. Nutritional information is also presented so young hockey players understand the importance of a healthy diet and hydration.


Since 2005 Skate Faster has employed instructors and staff who are experienced hockey people and are excellent Teachers of the game. Skate Faster maintains high expectations for our instructors to be consistent in challenging every participant and to provide individual attention for our on and off ice standards.

Our challenge

Skate Faster constantly challenges all participants to work outside their comfort zone focusing on improving and pushing themselves through every drill. Skate Faster will utilize ice efficiently and challenge each participant to strive for maximum overall improvement by weeks end.

Do you want to improve your performance, stability, and speed?

Skate Faster can make it happen!

Skate Faster provides specialized programs to assess players and provide them with the feedback they need to improve their hockey skills and abilities. We provide specialized Equipment Modification and Custom Radius.

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Skate Faster runs Hockey Camps focusing on crucial skills for both boys and girls. Our camps are revolutionary and like you have never seen before. From the beginning to the end of the each day our participants will be trained and guided to improving their abilities and increasing their strength and stamina.

Skate Faster also sells the best hockey enhancement products available such as Fastrax.